The set of Ghost Whisperer was rumored to be haunted!

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: October 25, 2019, 11:30AM

Melinda Gordon spends the majority of her time working around ghosts, so the paranormal happenstances in her day-to-day life are pretty typical. The show's cast and crew, however, weren't necessarily prepared to take on the same responsibilities.

People who had worked on the show reported multiple instances of strange things happening while they were shooting the show. In one story, the crew noticed something odd going on behind show star Jennifer Love Hewitt, while they were filming. It appeared that something shadow-like was moving around, just past her shoulder. Curious to see if this was the light playing tricks, the crew replayed the take they had just filmed. To their surprise, they could see what looked like a shadow turning to look over it's shoulder on camera, all while Hewitt was working. 

This was not the only instance that the crew experienced something spooky. Lights and equipment seemed to move on their own; every so often, a lightbulb would burst and shatter without reasonable cause. The rumors of these creepy happenstances even made people think twice about their guest star appearances. Hewitt confirmed in 2007 that something eery was definitely following the show.

"We were filming in a certain part of a lot and there was this building I was walking out of to start a scene, and there were seven crew members who went inside this building and had very strange experiences. One of the ladies felt her sweater being tugged and she couldn't explain it and another guy felt somebody tugging on the bottom of his jeans, and I had the bottom of my dress tugged. We definitely felt like something was in there,” she revealed in a 2007 interview.

If Hewitt was looking to get into some method acting, Ghost Whisperer may have been her opportunity! 

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aloh2012 1 month ago
I have seen all 5 seasons of the show. It is one of my favorite shows. Wish it had a 6th season so that the storyline could be tied up and not left in a cliffhanger. Jennifer Love-Hewitt is a good actress. First saw her in Sister Act: Back In Business
Dkluttered 2 months ago
Love the ghost whisperer , never watched it when it originally aired, but it’s great gives me a different ( better opinion of Jennifer Love~Hewitt ) on a difffwrent note I agree with another comment get rid of Joan of Arcadia %%% can’t stand her whining ass baby stories. Bring back the show I the thre guy that recieved the news the day before it happened. And Cagney / Lacey :, profiler should go
!!!! Add more sue private eye , strong medicine and play the series in order would be awesome ,
Mac 8 months ago
Even though I have Ghost Whisperer on DVD, I still love watching it on here. I also wish that Dr. Quinn and Touch by an Angel was on later on in the day. Medium can stay as 2 shows and In Plain Sight is awesome! They can switch The Good Wife and Strong Medicine around. The Profiler isn't too bad. I wish that there was 2 Cagney and Lacey's. I think I have it covered.
Cindy5215 Mac 6 months ago
You left out "Unforgettable"
felicia 11 months ago
Bring back early edition that as a good show!
BrightFeather2 felicia 11 months ago
Yes it's a great series - they should have kept it and taken off the Joan of Arcadia series. Never liked the Arcadia one about a neurotic loud mouth teenager..
They can take off the Closer - that one is good for one run through, but after that all you see is a Narcissist self centered bossy Major Crime cop character that has to have everything her way no matter what- even if it's not lawful. Nothing, including family, comes before HER job where SHE is in control.
Sue Thomas FBEye is a good and educational series but it's on in the middle of the night too. I stay up to see it. Cagney & Lacy is good and on at a good time. Medium and Unforgettable is good too. Wish they were on in the evening.
Lots of good shows on Start TV. IT's the only channel I watch . I'm on antenna and that is the channel that also comes in the best. Wish Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman and Touched by Angel was on at better times, I'm really tired after begin up all night and once the light of morning breaks and comes up I have to miss some of it to do my morning farm work.. Those are my favorites too I think I want to get the DVD series on those. But those DVD's are so expensive - hard to get on low Soc Sec.
Love all the new shows. Never saw some of them before because I was always working. So they are new shows to me.
The ones I don't watch are Good Wife, Arcadia, Cold Case (this is a good series but too sad for me) and The Closer. I watch all the others. Maybe they will get SLIDERS on sometime - you'd love that one too. I tend to like shows that are entertaining and educational at the same time. I don't like sex shows like Good Wife is..
The Medical shows they have on are great too. And the Division is good too. Wish they were on earlier. Staying up all night is a killer !
CindyBraun 11 months ago
I’m not happy the 11:00pm central, The Good Wife, was taken off. I just started watching the show.
BrightFeather2 CindyBraun 11 months ago
Sorry but I'm glad they did and wish they took off both hours of it. Never liked that series. All the bed hopping and homo sex is such a turn off.
Believe me you'd love some of the new ones they put on - they just need to put them on at the times you can easily see them.
They could put Medium on at those hours instead of Good Wife. Wish they would.
Unforgettable and Promised Land are good too. Or Early Edition.
Switch the hours around for the same shows so those who could not stay up all night to see them can see them at better hours.
DR. Quinn Medicine Woman I've gotten quite attached to - maybe addicted would be a better word, in spite of some of their historic errors. But the story is great. So is Touched by an Angel. The Division you'd love too. They seems to put the best shows on in the middle of the Night.
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