The Good Wife discovered Cush Jumbo doing a play she wrote about jazz icon Josephine Baker

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: April 4, 2019, 3:23PM

Stop us if you're already hugely impressed with Cush Jumbo, the late cast addition to The Good Wife who helped Lucca Quinn quickly became a fan favorite character. If you noticed Lucca's role grew bigger on The Good Wife, you'll be pleased to hear her visibility rose even more on the spin-off The Good Fight, where she's one of three series leads.

When Jumbo first appeared in the first episode of the seventh season of The Good Wife, many viewers in the audience probably wondered, "Who is she?" right along with Alicia Florrick. The truth is Jumbo had played several recurring roles on British shows, but the U.K. actress was still foreign to American audiences. That all changed when Jumbo took an immense amount of initiative to propel her career forward.

In 2013, Jumbo starred in the one-woman show that became her debut play. It was called Josephine and I, and it was a story inspired by the life of jazz icon Josephine Baker, one of the fiercest self-made female entertainers in history. Two years later, the success of Jumbo's show would send her to perform it in New York, where The Good Wife's Christine Baranski caught Jumbo's act for the very first time. Baranski passed the word along on this fresh talent to The Good Wife creators Robert and Michelle King, and the next thing we knew, Lucca was strutting into the courtroom and raising Baranski's eyebrow onscreen.

In an interview with The Telegraph, Jumbo said her theater training actually came in handy while working on The Good Wife: "You have to look up every inch of the dialogue and say it in a way that an audience would believe it. It’s actually quite a theater way of doing things when you have to investigate the text, like you would with Shakespeare."

And funny enough, spending the last four years as a TV lawyer has actually led the talented actor to reconsider her career choice. Jumbo said, "I actually want to take the bar exam one day, that’s how interested it has made me in the law. If I’d been lucky enough to go to a good school, I think I would have been a litigator because I really enjoy fighting for someone and arguing a point."

In actuality, though, acting is where Jumbo's heart is, and that's clear enough from the performances she gives on both The Good Wife and The Good Fight. At the end of her interview, Jumbo shared her real dream, to rise to her co-star's level of acclaim: "... You just want to do work that makes you proud. I want to be a Phyllida Lloyd or a Christine Baranski to someone.”

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