The Good Wife, Crossing Jordan and more join Start TV's schedule in January

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: November 26, 2018, 4:24PM

Start TV announces the addition of acclaimed dramatic TV series The Good Wife, Crossing Jordan, Unforgettable and Strong Medicine to the network’s daily programming lineup of contemporary procedural dramas. These new series debut on New Year’s Day, Tuesday, January 1, 2019 on Start TV.

New dramas join the Start TV series The Closer, Medium, Cold Case, Profiler and The Division as part of network’s unique seven-days-a-week strip program schedule. Headliner programs are showcased with multiple episodes airing each day in multi-hour blocks.

The Good Wife

The Good Wife will air on Start TV as a two-hour block every evening from 11PM–1AM ET/PT.  Starring Julianna Margulies, Christine Baranski, Alan Cumming and Christopher Noth, The Good Wife follows a woman who must return to work as a lawyer to provide for her family, after her husband is jailed following a political scandal. The series originally aired for seven seasons on CBS and received 5 Emmy Awards. For her leading role on the show, Julianna Margulies earned both an Emmy Award and a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Drama Series.

Crossing Jordan

Crossing Jordan will air as a two-hour-block every day from 1–3PM ET/PT. Starring Jill Hennessy, Miguel Ferrer, Ravi Kapoor and featuring Ken Howard, Jerry O’Connell and Leslie Bibb, Crossing Jordan is the story of a brilliant medical examiner who goes above and beyond to solve cases despite her spotty career and mercurial ways. The series originally aired for six seasons on NBC.


Unforgettable will air weekdays at 10AM ET/PT and stars Poppy Montgomery as a New York police detective with a rare ability to visually remember all the details of her life, which helps her to solve crimes. The series also stars Dylan Walsh and Jane Curtin and originally aired for four seasons on CBS and A&E.

Strong Medicine

Strong Medicine will air every night at 9PM ET/PT and stars Rosa Blasi and Janine Turner as doctors from two very different worlds who come together to care for their diverse patients. The series also stars Patricia Richardson and was created by Whoopi Goldberg. It originally aired for six seasons on Lifetime.

Check out the full Start TV schedule.

Watch The Good Wife on Start TV


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Annie 9 days ago
So many different preferences, you aren't going to please everybody. Always thought Poppy Montgomery was quite forgettable but somebody up there liked her. Really liked Medium, despite the bed gimmick, great plots, great family. Profiler was great at the time but looks quite dated today. And thanks for Crossing Jordan. Please avoid too many syrupy dramas, notice you haven't added Ghost Whisperer yet. Thank you. Great idea for a new channel but my husband I know will not be watching.
Laylaymp 16 days ago
I really like the fact that you added Unforgettable and Strong Medicine. I like the fact that you cut Dr. Quinn never did enjoy that show. Thanks
SandiCovell 17 days ago
Please give EARLY EDITION a better 2-hour time slot, specifically NOT during the middle of the night.
I appreciate this show now a lot more than I did when it originally aired. The stories are interesting and sometimes gripping, the acting is so much more nuanced and skillful than I realized back then, and the characters are fully formed (e.g., Gary, his parents, Crumb, Marissa, to name just a few). I've ended up caring about them.
Mornings, afternoons, evenings or even early late night would work better for so many people with "normal" schedules. Please give Early Edition better time slots!
KathieSublette 17 days ago
Sure hope this lineup is a test run would actually love to see Early Edition and Touched by an Angel come on at better times
Dave 18 days ago
Why cut Touched By an Angel? My wife and I love that show, and three episodes back to back are great, especially when there is a two-part episode. If you need to cut shows, why not cut Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman? That show wasn't as popular in any way as Touched By an Angel, so why cut Touched By an Angel?
And a few of the new shows you are bringing on weren't popular at all either. You need to start listening to your viewers due to the fact that Start TV is a new channel or you will end up losing them. Please bring Touched By an Angel back to three back to back episodes.
SharikaJeter 21 days ago
Don't like that Crossing Jordan is cutting into my Cold Case time.
Gremlin 21 days ago
I wish you'd drop Profiler and forget about adding Unforgettable, which was most forgettable the first time around -- or at least put Unforgettable and Profiler during the middle of the night. Just a suggestion for when you work out the scheduling kinks. 😊

Miriam 22 days ago
We love Touched by an Angel and Dr. Quinn Medicine Women can't you keep the same morning to 2:00 P.M. schedule and fit in the "new" shows in the evening? And we love Medium and Cold Case and The Closer. I thought the old schedule was just fine and that you would just do two episodes instead of three of each but keep the same schedule.
Miriam 22 days ago
I love your channel but.....HATE the new schedule! Why did you have to mess up a good thing?
DeeJayOleson 22 days ago
I love your channel. Thank you!!!
One suggestion, do NOT split up the episodes of Profiler, or any other show. Show them back to back...It helps with continuity. It shouldn’t be that hard to keep the shows you have and move them so Profiler is not on with a huge separation. It’s great to show multiple episodes, just not separated.
Thank you
Lisa 22 days ago
I can't believe they changed the hours for Dr Quinn so now I won't be able to see it anymore and really liked watching that show I will have to find a new station to watch for 8 to 11 before I go to work now
AmyMcClain Lisa 21 days ago
I agree. Its current time is best!
90Tvlovers 23 days ago
cannot wait for Crossing Jordan! i came across Profiler and was very happy to see it playing now i can watch some good tv!
kymoscar 23 days ago
There's a lot of complaints about the lineup and scheduling (it's impossible to please everybody), I'm just glad this channel even exists!!! So many different emotions have surfaced from revisiting these shows... takes me down memory lane and makes me take a hard look at the circumstances, then and now (especially watching Dr. Quinn as an adult, seeing with different eyes how racial difficulties were handled). I'm just waiting for the backlash against all this women power!

Kxfin 26 days ago
Looked to see DR QUINN, MEDIUM, Early Edition to name a few. SO HAPPY WHEN I found START TV with some some of my favorite. HAppy STRONG MEDICINE is added. But why are the schedule so awful. I mean Even worse than awful. DR QUINN runs 4-6AM Mountain time. CAnt your so called expert fixz it to balance when this and that will be shown during reasonable "VIEWERS" reasonable hours . These days, seem those EXPERTS everywhere love to do "marathon" of certain TV shows. CAn your so-called schedule experts re-evaluate the schedule and reduce "marathon" type.
vanhorntwsn 27 days ago
Your website is as user unfriendly as WJZ-TV, I have typed my comments twice and no more after this. forget it! Leave the schedule alone. The 10-12, 3-4 and 5-6 time slots are the only times my wife and I have to watch Medium, Cold Case, and Closer. The "new" shows never attracted us when they were first run, and we have never seen 2/3 of Cold Case and Closer, and never will see all of the Closer since you repeat the episodes in the exact same time slot every time! Give us a break!
AmyMcClain 30 days ago
Please change Dr. Quinn from 5 am - That just might be one of the worst time slots. Not only are you cutting it down to 2 hrs, but people are either still sleeping, getting ready for work or as in my case still working b/c I work overnights! Now I will never get to watch it. Very disappointed as I have really been enjoying it!
Mr_Robbins 1 month ago
How about:
5:00 AM: Dr. Quinn
7:00 AM: Touched by an Angel
11:00 AM: Family Law
2:00 PM: The Division
5:00 PM: The Closer
7:00 PM: Cold Case
9:00 PM: Medium
1:00 AM: Profiler
2:00 AM: Early Edition
WendyJo 1 month ago
Please move Family Law to Daytime TV viewing hours and show multiple episodes per day!
Mr_Robbins 1 month ago
Should be:
5:00 AM: Dr. Quinn
7:00 AM: Touched by an Angel
10:00 AM: Family Law
1:00 PM: The Division
5:00 PM: The Closer
7:00 PM: Cold Case
9:00 PM: Medium
12:00 AM: Profiler
1:00 AM: Early Edition
3:00 AM: The Commish
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