Strong family vibes: Patricia Arquette's siblings appeared on Medium

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: November 12, 2018, 1:22PM

Medium has its own style when it comes to drama. It's half crime show, half family sitcom, and Patricia Arquette as its matriarch Allison DuBois is the psychic force connecting these two disparate worlds. 

On the show, Allison's family, of course, factors strongly into each episode, between her daughters managing their own psychic impulses and her husband with his quick wit. It's this TV family that grounds the show that, otherwise, is dependably liberated from reality by the supernatural. So it will likely not surprise you to know that Arquette, drawn to the show by its family-centered premise, took every chance she could to sneak her real family into her special show.

Attentive fans have noted that the fridge magnets in the kitchen of the DuBois home have occasionally spelled out the names of Arquette's real kids, Harlow and Enzo. But there were much more dramatic moments that pulled in members of the Arquette family, Patricia's actor siblings, David, Rosanna and Richmond Arquette.

Arquette's siblings guest starred in an episode each. Richmond Arquette appeared first in the second season episode "A Changed Man." He played David Saunders, a man whom Allison meets in a doctor's waiting room. She immediately gets a waking vision that he's been murdering women he picks off the street, and the episode focuses on tracking his potential victims and finding out the truth.

Rosanna's episode came in the fourth season, "Lady Killer," and it's a role a lot like her brother's, just inverted. She played a barfly killer with a knack for picking up her male victims in bars. She comes to Allison in a dream, but when they meet in reality, it casts doubts on Allison's vision. It's a complex guest role that remains a fan favorite.

However, on Medium, they perhaps saved the best sibling appearance for last. Arquette's real brother David Arquette appeared in the seventh season episode "One Half Lucky," where he played Allison's TV brother Michael "Lucky" Benoit. The episode begins with an emotional scene where Allison dreams Lucky has experienced a bad turn and is about to jump off a bridge. The next time we see Lucky, though, he's on top of the world and in high spirits, having experienced just the opposite and finding himself on a lucky streak. As usual, it's up to Allison to figure out what's going on, in a haunting episode among the best of Medium's last season.

In this way, it seems that much like the psychic powers that Allison passes along to her family, the special gifts of the Arquette family helped to make Patricia's first starring TV role all the more powerful.

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zeny 27 months ago
What I have never been able to wrap my head around is how Michael Benoit can have the gift? Allison got her gift from her mother's side of the family, which is typical. Yet Michael is related only by their father... Did i miss something? Thoughts?
5thteacher zeny 27 months ago
They share the same mother not father. That is why they had different last names.
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