Louise from Bob's Burgers once impersonated The Closer's Brenda Leigh Johnson

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: April 8, 2019, 2:41PM

Image: 20th Television

On Bob's Burgers, the animated series that takes place inside a family-owned burger joint, pop culture references fly about a mile a minute. Keeping up with the cartoon show's wide range of references is usually a huge part of the audience experience, as everything from Gene's boyish insults to Bob's burger special of the day board contains layers upon layers of jokes. But in the show's third season, there was no mistaking the reference the show was making when the show's youngest sibling Louise attempts to sneak backstage to see her favorite boy band, at least not if you're a fan of The Closer.

In "Boyz 4 Now," Tina Belcher drags her little sister Louise to see a boy band, and it accidentally awakens in Louise her very first crush. As the younger girl schemes to get both of them backstage, she tries a number of strategies to get past the security guard. First, she claims they're "wish kids" with "fatal strep throat," so sick their dying wish is to see the boy band. When that doesn't fly, Louise takes a more authoritative approach.

In a comically bad Southern drawl, Louise says to the security guard, "I'm detective Brenda Leigh Johnson. There's been a murder backstage!" (The cartoon character draws out the "ur" in "murder" to huge comedic effect if you're a fan of Brenda Leigh.) Unfortunately, the false Brenda doesn't get the answer she seeks and the security guard responds, "No one gets through the door."

It's the last joke before Louise tries simply charging the door, effectively figuring out that if she couldn't be "The Closer" when it came to convincing security guards, she might as well throw everything she had into her next attempt to succeed in her mission. So even though Louise Belcher's Brenda Leigh impersonation doesn't work, it's that sort of laser-focused determination in the character that fondly reminds us of Brenda Leigh, anyway.

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