Kyra Sedgwick's daughter made her TV debut playing Brenda's niece on The Closer

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: October 1, 2018, 12:10PM

Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon have been married for 30 years and are arguably one of the most loving celebrity couples of all time. Need proof? Just watch this video of them, accompanying each other through a version of the Bee Gees' "To Love Somebody," which they posted earlier this year to celebrate their big anniversary. 

Both Sedgwick and Bacon began their acting careers at about the same age. She was 16, accepting a role on a soap opera. He was 17, stepping on NYC stages as a fresh new face in the theater scene, recently graduated. They knew what it meant to start acting as a teen, and so they agreed as parents, together they'd shield their own children from this temptation. So for daughter Sosie Bacon, her atypical childhood as a kid of Hollywood meant having a totally normal upbringing with parents who not only didn't encourage her to get into the family business, but a mother who strictly forbid it.

It was her father who put young Sosie in the spotlight for the first time, at just the age of 10. That's when Kevin Bacon cast Sosie in Loverboy, a movie he directed, which Sedgwick starred in. In that film, Sosie was cast to play a younger version of her mother. Young Sosie's performance impressed everybody, but that didn't make her mother any less discouraging of her daughter accepting more roles.

It was The Closer's James Duff who next invited Sosie to step on-screen, making her TV debut by again sharing a screen with her mother. The story goes that Duff had suggested casting Sosie to Sedgwick, who immediately shut it down. That wasn't enough to convince Duff, who supposedly skirted around her refusal and asked Sosie to accept the part directly. Unsurprisingly, she did accept that part, and Sedgwick had to accept the reality that her daughter was becoming a budding actress capable of turning heads, not simply by her resemblance to her striking parents, but by her gift for both dramatic and comedic performance.

That's how it came to be that at the age of 17, Sosie appears in four episodes of The Closer's fifth season, this time playing Sedgwick's niece Charlie. According to Sedgwick, this casting led to the most difficult scene for her in the entire series run of The Closer. It comes in Sosie's final episode, "Waivers of Extradition." In it, Brenda must decide whether Charlie is allowed to stay or if she must go. In an interview posted by Reuters, Sedgwick said of this scene,“I had to say goodbye to her and tell her that she had to go home. It was a real Kyra-Brenda mindf—-. When she says, ‘Do you not want me to stay?,’ I just completely really lost it, trying to rein it in as Brenda-slash-Kyra.” (Likely any parents reading can relate.)

More recently, Sosie Bacon has appeared in the second season of the Netflix hit series 13 Reasons Why, and she's also featuring in the upcoming Charles Manson drama Charlie Says. It seems despite Sedgwick's reputation as The Closer, she just couldn't quite persuade her daughter to keep away from Hollywood.

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Kara 17 days ago
I saw those episodes more than once. Never knew they were related at all. I love this show so much I watching it every single day for a year and a half...... then I had to stop watching it. But I still watch it at least 3 times a week. And Major Crimes.
dmitcha 32 months ago
The hospital episode is airing again right now, and I kept it on to see this young actor's performance. I was impressed enough again to search who the actress was playing Charlie...and I had no idea she was Sedgwick and Bacon's daughter! She is really talented, and I will look for more opportunities to watch her evolve.
Gary 42 months ago
Sosie exhibited excellent acting experience particularly in the episode where the young man is wounded from bullet fragments, trying to avoid his attacker by hiding under a vehicle. The Sosie scenes at the hospital with the young man and later at home with Brenda and Fritz were exceptional. Maternal Instincts, episode eleven of season five, works perfectly bringing out the ability to perform at a professional level.
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