Kathryn Morris Kept Lilly Rush's Hair in a bun for a Reason

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: June 4, 2021, 3:55PM

"The hair has become a show in itself,” said Cold Case star Kathryn Morris about Lilly Rush’s style of hair.

When the series first premiered, fans loved the early 2000s crime procedural drama, Cold Case, which looked back on past crimes. Fans raved with adoration with each new episode but were often conflicted with the hairstyle of the series' main character, Lilly Rush.

Throughout the series, Rush’s hair was typically put in a bun and remained unkempt. Having hair that wasn't stylized often made Rush stand out among other characters and other crime dramas.

When asked about the choice in hair, Morris said that it was intentionally done to show how dedicated Lilly Rush was to solving cases and her job.

"We purposely keep my hair not so coiffed so it works for this effortless, unstudied woman who is too busy doing cold cases to run to the salon. She's a woman who eats real food and doesn't have a $500 hair-color job. Sometimes her roots are showing and sometimes her outfit isn't completely together. That's a character that has been missing from television."

This choice in style had been a rare decision for television at the time. Series leads were always expected to maintain a look that wasn't anything less than flawless. Through one small choice, Morris created a more realistic portrayal of a criminal investigator that audiences had rarely seen before.

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