Jon Hamm explains his personal struggle with The Division's tensest episode

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: November 20, 2018, 2:00PM

When The Division begins, the only romantic tension between officers we see is Magda's repeated rejection of Inspector Peter Torianno. Once that dries up after the first season, The Division could've cut its losses and stuck to the police work, but instead, they brought in Jon Hamm to play Inspector Nate Basso, assigning as his partner Tracey Needham, playing C.D. DeLorenzo. The instant chemistry between the pair would drive viewers to speculate the requisite "Will they or won't they?" across two seasons.

Practically every TV show goes this route with its characters at some point, whether it's a drama or a sitcom, but on The Division, the conclusion for this particular couple is distinctly unique and fraught with even more tension than TV audiences are used to. It all culminates in Needham's final episode on the show, "Acts of Betrayal."

(Spoiler alert) For fans of C.D. and Nate, "Acts of Betrayal" draws out the biggest tease that writers on The Division ever played out onscreen. Throughout the episode, C.D. and Nate are trying to figure out, finally, if they want to go past their relationship as partners and strike up an actual romance. Fans watch as it seems inevitable the pair will give it a go, only for the dangled fairy tale ending to evaporate in spectacular The Division style: in a high-intensity shootout that finds C.D. out cold before she can make it into Nate's arms.

In an interview with the Archive of American Television, Jon Hamm explained his personal struggle with the writers' decision to write C.D. off the show: "On The Division, it had action elements, but it also had character developments, and in fact the woman who played my partner on the show, Tracey Needham, still a very good friend of mine, was written off the show two seasons in. So I had to kind of deal with losing a friend and then working on a new dynamic on the show. That was an eye-opener in many ways."

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BrightFeather2 1 month ago
It showed Tracy DEAD shot in the heart. THAT is where they put the "blood spatter and bullet mark". They left us hanging that she was dead. Nothing much was said about her and in fact, no one on the team seemed to miss her ! NO hospital visits, not one word spoken if she was dead or alive - it's like she just vanished. Later on, one tiny comment mentioned her to let us know she was alive and even a bit flakey to disappear like that without a word or a good bye, and that was it.

She was one of our favorites and they handled that very badly.
In fact all the team are our favorites and The Division is one of the best series they ever had on TV !
They made a mistake stopping at 4 seasons !

Brandy 1 month ago
Wish they kept her. Loved the story line of them getting together and really would have loved to see how they would have worked out the partnership.
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