How they got their start: Kyra Sedgwick

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: October 4, 2018, 2:30PM

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It's been nearly 10 years since Kyra Sedgwick got her star on the Walk of Fame, cementing her legacy as the star of The Closer. She actually got the star before the series even wrapped, and looking through the full series run, it's no surprise Sedgwick's celebrity took off during the show. She was either winning or nominated for Emmys and Golden Globes almost every year the show was on the air.

People loved her character so much, they wanted to look like Brenda Leigh Johnson. Fashion blogs filled up with detailed examinations of the vintage jackets and floral skirts that The Closer costume designer Greg LaVoi found on Ebay and had tailored just for her. There's even still a company making replicas of a purse she carried, and it's so highly sought by fans, they can't seem to keep the bag in stock. The love of Kyra Sedgwick is real.

At the time when Sedgwick was cast on The Closer, Sedgwick was just on the brink of turning 40. By then, Sedgwick had featured in dozens of roles on television and movies, which gives her fans plenty to catch up with if The Closer introduced them to Sedgwick's flare for drama. Her first role, however, may be difficult to track down. For Kyra Sedgwick's TV debut, viewers first saw her on the long-running soap opera Another World.

Another World was originally planned as a spin-off of As the World Turns. When CBS turned it down, the creators simply changed some names and sold it to NBC instead. In this charged soap opera universe, we'd first meet Kyra Sedgwick as Julia Shearer in 1982, when she was just at the edge of seventeen (which, hey, happens to be the name of a more recent 2016 movie that Sedgwick starred in). She played a troubled girl and granddaughter to Liz Matthews, the soap's earliest matriarch.

Although The Closer would become the onscreen role that turned Sedgwick into a household name, the nineties was when her career really started picking up. Her first Golden Globe nomination was for a 1992 TV movie where Sedgwick played the title character, Miss Rose White. She'd get another Golden Globe nod in 1996 for supporting actress, playing Julia Roberts' sister in the film Something to Talk About. The actress has proved two decades later she's still someone to talk about.

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