Catching up with Olivia Clare Friedman from 'Any Day Now'

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: September 23, 2020, 4:45PM

Image source: The Everett Collection

Airing for four seasons in the late '90s and early 2000s, Any Day Now was a hidden gem that holds significant relevance to this day. Taking place in Birmingham, Alabama, the series tells the story of two women, Mary Elizabeth (Annie Potts) and Rene Jackson (Lorraine Toussaint), in both the perspectives of their childhood growing up in the '60s during the height of the segregationist movement and their present, in the late ’90s as adults.

Regarded as being far ahead of its time, Any Day Now touched on a variety of topics often seen as uncommon in the mainstream discussion at the time, including racism, sexism, and homophobia.

Recently, while scrolling through social media, former Any Day Now actress Olivia Clare Friedman, who played the role of M.E.'s daughter, Kelly Sims, saw that Start TV had brought back the series. She couldn't have been more excited. We reached out and had the wonderful opportunity to speak with her about her time on the show, what she's been up to, and her excitement to see the show back on the air again.

What have you been up to recently?

I'm a fiction writer and a poet, I'm also a professor of Creative Writing at the University of Southern Mississippi where I teach fiction writing. I’ve published two books, I have a book of poems called The 26 Hour Day and then I also have a book of short stories out called Disasters in the First World and I'm working on a novel now. I publish short stories in literary journals as well. I'm living in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, as a writer and a professor and don't act at all anymore!

Rewinding a bit, could you talk a little bit about how you got into acting originally with Any Day Now?

Any Day Now was one of the best things to happen to me in my life, no question. I first did acting in community theater when I was about nine, then continued in community theater in Baton Rouge. Then, when I was 15, there was a call for auditions for a pilot that was being shot in New Orleans and they were looking for local casting. I originally auditioned for the role of young M.E. (young Mary Elizabeth). They said, "You're a little too old for her, can you come back and read for the part of Kelly?" I did and got the role of Kelly! I couldn't believe it, I already loved Annie Potts from Designing Women and was thrilled when I saw she was a part of it.

So we shot the pilot in New Orleans when I was 15, and then when it got picked up it wasn't the norm where if you got cast in local casting you didn't go with the production but we did! So, I moved to L.A., with a job! Which is not common, because you usually go there and then look for an audition but I went when I was 15 with a job and it was fantastic.

How was the transition going from Louisiana to L.A.?

It was really exciting and also the first time I had lived outside of Louisiana. I was also still in high school, so I still did school on the set and I was very studious. It was actually Annie [Potts] who was so supportive of my studies! I was taking all these different courses, including AP, so they had to find all these different tutors for me. It was Annie that really encouraged me to make sure that I went to college even later when the show was over. So not only did I go to college but I ended up with two Master's Degrees and even a Ph.D., so I really ran with it.

It was all these different changes at once, which was really exciting!

That does sound exciting! What was it like working with Annie Potts on set? Do you have any backstage stories that you remember?

First, of all the thing to know about Annie, is that she's absolutely amazing. She's so personable and she immediately took me under her wing. The show lasted four years, and I was on all four years, so it was kind of like my college, because it was such a formative time of my life.

I remember when we were still filming the pilot, before I knew we were going to be a series, I was very shyly trying to ask her what acting methods that she used. She was so personable and answered my questions, I felt like we were part of a team. People ask me, "Is she really as great as she seems?" And I say yes, and she's even better than that! She really is a wonderful and genuine person, and that was true for all of us on the show. Working was such a great group of people.

With Annie encouraging you to keep up with your studies on set, is this where you found your passion in writing?

I graduated from high school and was still on the show, I got into UCLA's theater program but I couldn't go because it was full time and couldn't make it work with the show's schedule. Annie said, "Why don't you take some classes at the community college?" — and I did!

I took classes on Saturday morning and would also do some evening classes. I told my professors that I would be filming and couldn't make it sometimes and they understood, this was at the College of the Canyons in Santa Clarita.

Later, I took some classes with Suzzanne Lummis through UCLA Extension. I thought, "I'll try my hand at creative writing," and took some poetry classes. After the show ended, I applied to UC Berkeley, and was accepted there and that's where I went to college. I did my MFA at the Iowa Writers' Workshop, and did another master's at the University of Southern California and got my Ph.D. in Nevada.

So it's been a big road! Annie was always such a big part of that because she always encouraged me to keep that part of myself alive during my acting career.

Did your time working on the series have an impact on your writing?

Yeah! Like I said, the show was in a lot of ways like my college, it was such a formative period for me. I believe that acting and writing have a lot in common, I think there’s something that's very performative about writing. It's also different though because with writing you're alone with your pen and your journal or your computer. Unless you're giving a reading or teaching, you spend a lot of time writing in solitude.

Also, with fiction writing, I find that my ear for dialogue, if I may say so myself, is pretty damn good. I think back to not only dialogue from my life, from growing up in the South with those particular rhythms, I also think back to the show and it's dialogue and it's rhythms  that are in my head. The novel that I'm writing right now takes place in Louisiana, in a fictional town, so that takes influence. With my book of short stories, Disasters in the First World, I have stories in there that take place in the South as well; it's always with me.

It's always so interesting to me what acting and writing have in common. I have a new story called "The Real Thing," and it's about acting and a young actress. I'm writing more stories that have to do with acting and it's been so fascinating to unearth all these things that you know from your life!

Is there any particular episode(s) that sticks out to you that you think is most relevant still today?

I have the same reaction of looking through the episodes and the topics and was shocked myself that we were covering these relevant topics then. I think about the episode when Ajoni and Kelly got married. That was a really special episode for us to film. I would say that even then we knew how important these topics were for us to talk about.

Having grown up in Louisiana, did having a Southern background already play into your performance as Kelly?

It definitely did. There are still so many issues that we're still seeing now. It was something that I saw when growing up in Louisiana. When thinking of a backstory for Kelly, these things would all become a part of it.

I didn't feel like I had to play as a sort of cliché Southern girl, you know what I mean? I think about this with writing, too, because I write about the South. There's something about growing up and living in a place where it helps you look past the clichés, where you don't feel the need to put on a thick Southern accent.

Have you thought about returning to acting?

I sometimes think about it! I think about doing something with the community theater here. It's funny, because for theater, you have to be a night person, and I used to be a night person! Now I'm very much a morning person, I wake up at three or four in the morning to write because that's my writing time. I have a daughter now, she's almost a year old, and I try to get my writing in before she wakes up. Once we're on the other side of COVID, I'm definitely thinking about it and becoming a night person again!

Could you possibly see an Any Day Now reboot? Or maybe even a "Catching Up With Kelly" spin-off?’

I would love that! The storyline is such an important and relevant one, especially now and always, and I am definitely up for that.

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BA 11 months ago
I don't think it has anything to do with the actress. That is the way a lot of teenage girls act.
As for the others cleaning up the mess they created. It is very common, why else do you think a lot of people behave the way they do today. People do have to be held accountable for their actions but it doesn't always happen.
Maybe that is what the show is trying to convey. It might not be the best way to resolve things not the other way around.
What would be interesting, is seeing her today as an adult. How she resolves her mess as an adult or when it won't be cleaned up by someone else.
May 11 months ago
Is any one else concerned that kelly’s own behavior on the show is not a good role model for young women . I def don’t want my daughter or nieces acting like her. She was a self entitled brat who had all her messes cleaned up by everyone else , she didn’t have to face any of the consequences from the problems she created until later in the series. She was a smart ass to everyone trying to teach her about life or help her in any way other than what she thought was the “right” way and the show seemed to show her in a light that condoned her attitude and the problems she created . I understand learning from the mistakes you make but showing them in a light where it’s shown as a positive role should make parents and women who have had to deal with similar problems upset. When women or girls have similar problems most of the time They don’t have people to clean up their messes and actually have to deal with the real life consequences, why didn’t they show that ? why not show a child who treats authorities with respect at least ones who’s grateful for all the help and trouble her family goes thru because of the choices she has made. Could it be that that is how she is in real life. Reading the article she says things about how wonderful the cast was but she includes herself instead of giving a compliment to her cast members she is again talking about how great she thinks she is . Maybe her acting was mirroring her own personality?
jhobson55 16 months ago
I love Any Day Now. I’ve looked and looked for a complete set of the series on DVD with no luck. 😔

I was so happy to find it on Start TV! ☺️
JANP 18 months ago
I am so in love with this series, I don't how I could not have been aware of this program years ago. Please don't do re-makes with different characters... some how it always looses something in translation through different people playing the parts that belonged to the original people. I watch this show every day that I can and even looked for others such as Netflix, etc and they don't carry that one either.

cghicks JANP 18 months ago
I absolutely agree with everything you say. I do not know how I never saw this series when it was originally airing. I stumbled across it about a month ago - season 4 was airing. I immediately started recording all future episodes (they have now started over with season 1 - yay!) and then dug around until I could find season 1 on YouTube. The quality of those recordings is rough but I have been binge watching them ever since - I am currently (as I write this) watching the final episode and will start back over with episode 1. A gem. A gift. Put it back on network TV as a special series. People need to see it!
care 19 months ago
I would love to see this show start again. With the same cast would be awesome. Even my son loves to watch this show. So many shows have had remakes done and not made it. Maybe this one would be different.
AbbyWrites 19 months ago
I was overjoyed to discover reruns on Start TV. Now that I'm watching it again, I see it so differently...The issues discussed haven't been solved! I loved to catch up on what the cast had done since the show ended. One of the great shows. Wish there were more quality shows today.
Dawn 20 months ago
I started watching this show when I was a teen. I had often thought about it. To be honest was, and kind of still am, a little jealous of Mary Elizabeth and Rene's friendship. I always wanted a friendship like theirs with someone. I always talked about this show and am a fan of Annie Potts as well. Totally watched designing women late at night when I was younger. I bought a new TV with Roku and was checking it out and came across Start TV. Was glad to see it played some shows I watched as a kid and even ghost whisperer. When I saw Any Day Now I was super excited. My daughter now watches it with me on the days she has off of work. This is definitely one of my favorite shows. I could watch every episode over and over. So glad it's back on TV again. Also happy to see it plays over again since I don't always get to see some episodes on the weekends. Great job start TV!
KarenBH 20 months ago
I am so happy that Olivia continued with her education. I dont remember watching this show when it first aired, but now i watch it every day! It truly is my favorite show. It deals with so many topics that continue to be relevant. I LOVE Annie Potts also. I’m from nashville and i was amazed to find out that
Annie was born there! The relationship between mother & daughter was so good. I would love to see a reboot. They just had so many good writers on this show. I have experienced so many emotions watching. Thank you for being a part of this. I admire Olivia for what & who she has become!
TallMisterHall 21 months ago
I had JUST looked Olivia up!!! She's so terrific on the show, and I half-convinced myself that she actually was Annie's daughter! I think the growth of M.E. and Rene on the original series would have to be undone to continue the series with them as the central characters -- but the idea of picking up with Kelly and her family has a lot of potential. For that matter, it sounds like Olivia could write the pilot!
Same here; would adore seeing "Kelly" in a spinoff series...let's pray there are some intereted producers that want to do a family-oriented show with relevant social issues interwoven in the storyline. I'm "all in" for that!
Catherine 21 months ago
What a surprise to find this show on Starttv last fall. Not sure how I missed it on its first run but it is still so relevant it's scary. To think we are trying to solve the same problems that were dealt with so eloquently 20 years ago in these episodes is disheartening. Everyday I seem to do a search for more information relating to the cast or storyline. Yesterday I realized 'Johnny O'Brian' is currently on Yellowstone. So glad to read about 'Kelly' today and know she has done well. No sure we need a reboot. Just replay these episodes in primitive. They are golden.
ChrisVergo 21 months ago
Loved watching Any Day Now when it first aired. Was recently thinking about it, and then there it was on Start TV. Love watching it again!
wayne 21 months ago
Rene is now on that new show, "The Equalizer". If it's not her, then she has a twin. Then of course Annie Potts is on "Young Sheldon" as MeMaw. Don't hold your breath for a remake of "Any Day Now". Would love to see it though.
SEAshelllady wayne 20 months ago
I don' t know if that is Ms. Toussaint or not--but she was a regular on Orange is the New Black. She was also on Crossing Jordan, Saving Grace and Major Crimes (as well as Law & Order "pre Any Day Now"). She's very versatile - loved her in every role she's had on the small screen (often wonder if she's ever done any "big screen" stuff).
wayne 21 months ago
I had never heard of this show until while channel surfing I discovered it. Annie Potts was the only actor I recognized, as I had watched her on Designing Women. All of the actors are first rate and the story lines are magnificent. I was amazed at how open and candid the subject matter was; so refreshing and honest. i can't recall ever seeing a television show with such an interesting play on flashbacks, then to present day. This hour hour show captivates me so, it feels more like thirty minutes have gone by.
Pegtym 21 months ago
I had never heard of this show before it aired on Start TV. It was so ahead of its time and still so relevant. I especially love the way they intertwine the characters as children with their present day lives-and their use of pops of color in clothing for emphasis. I hope they do a re-boot!!
Deborah 21 months ago
I'm really grateful for this show Any Day Now. Not just because it deals with so many systemic issues of today but that it was ahead of its time. I'm an African American woman who grew up in that same era the show depicts. I grew up in an all white neighborhood in Northern California, my best friend was anglo saxton we grew up together and shared so much between us and there was a bond.
I hope that there is a reboot to this story just to remind us of how simple a bridge can be built between two people from different back grounds come together. It's so simple when you think about it casting off all fear and just excepting a bond of love and friendship.
Lunarstruck 21 months ago
I love this show so much and was thrilled you brought it back! It's a really well written and well made series and the acting is so well done! THANK YOU!!! I really love the role of Kelly and how well Olivia played her! You must be so proud of this work. THANK YOU.
Hiccup2834 21 months ago
I am really enjoying the series. I look forward to it everyday!. Loved the way it transitioned to the end.
Hiccup2834 21 months ago
Peace - I am glad Olivia is doing so well! God bless!
lfharr61 21 months ago
I am so happy that Start TV brought back ANY DAY NOW. I loved the show when it first came out and I love it now. The show takes me back to my own childhood growing up in the 60's. It would be great if they could bring backthe show. It was ended too soon!

lfharr61 21 months ago
I am so happy that Start TV brought back ANY DAY NOW. I loved the show when it first came out and I love it now. The show takes me back to my own childhood growing up in the 60's. It would be great if they could bring backthe show. It was ended too soon!

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