Back to the Future fans know exactly why Tom Wilson is right at home on Ghost Whisperer

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: May 13, 2019, 3:21PM

The actor Tom Wilson will forever be remembered for playing Biff Tannen, the bully from Back to the Future who served as the trilogy's biggest villain. He pretty much owns the insult "Hello! Anybody home?"

But on Ghost Whisperer, he played a much more endearing recurring character. As Tim Flaherty, Wilson appeared in six episodes of the series as one of Melinda's husband Joe's best friends (who later strikes up a romance with Melinda's BFF Delia Banks). From his role on the supernatural series, you might not guess that Wilson's inclusion on the show had much to do with his more famous Eighties character, but like many of the unexpected things that occur on Ghost Whisperer, it's actually the truth.

Very attentive viewers have picked up on what connects the shows: The town square used on Ghost Whisperer is the exact same lot used for the courthouse square where Back to the Future's fateful clock tower scene takes place. Although Ghost Whisperer stuck a statue in the middle of the square, you can see similarities between these two settings created on the same Hollywood studio lot:

To create the fictional town of Grandview on the lot, the clock tower obviously had to be covered up, but we bet that didn't keep Wilson from feeling right at home on set.

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