A séance helped convince Jennifer Love Hewitt to be in Ghost Whisperer

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: July 28, 2021, 4:05PM

Ghost Whisperer star Jennifer Love Hewitt communicated with the dead both on and off the set. Melinda Gordon helped the deceased find their peace on the show, while Hewitt had spiritual help of her own in finding her most iconic role.

In 2004, Hewitt was in between roles and spending most of her days reading scripts that her agent had found her. Taking a break from her search, she went with a group of friends to the ‘Magic House’ nightclub in Hollywood.

At the Magic House, Hewitt and her friends attended a séance, a spiritual ritual to contact the dead. The medium that led the séance said that if ghosts wanted to talk to you then you will have an ‘X’ written on your hand. After the ritual, Hewitt would open her hand to find an 'X' on it.

Initially, she didn’t see the ‘X’ being anything other than a fun party trick. Following the séance, she would come back home with a package of scripts marked “Untitled John Gray Project,” which would later become Ghost Whisperer.

Reading the script for the pilot of the paranormal drama, Hewitt realized that ghosts did want to speak to her after all. Having seen that the story was about ghosts following her time at the séance had an emotional impact on her.

“It was a lot of emotion for sitting and reading a script, which I did a million times a week,” said Jennifer Love Hewitt on her first time reading for Ghost Whisperer.

In the package, Hewitt was also handed the script for the sitcom, How I Met Your Mother. But after being told that spirits wanted to contact her and receiving the script to Ghost Whisperer on the same day, she knew it was destiny.

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