5 must-see Start TV episodes this week of October 12

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: October 9, 2020, 2:46PM

A new week of amazing television awaits you on Start TV! Starting off the week you can look forward to seeing two pilot episodes of two spectacular series, morning and night!

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, "Epidemic"
Monday, October 12, at 6A | 5C

It's the first episode in the series! Horror mounts when influenza attacks Colorado Springs. Dr. Mike must attend to the sick townspeople and protect others from getting the deadly disease. But being a lady doctor has people questioning whether she can handle the fatal epidemic.

The Good Wife, "Pilot"
Monday, October 12, at 11P | 10C

The episode where it all begins as Alicia's chance to rebuild her life is met with opposition from skeptical colleagues, her husband's past, and a high-stakes criminal case. Medium, "Mother's Little Helper"

The Closer, "Ruby"
Tuesday, October 13, at 6P | 5C

When a young girl is abducted, it's a race against the clock to track, especially when the team doesn't have any leads yet. This episode also features the guest star appearance and final performance of acclaimed actress Nina Foch.

Crossing Jordan, "For Harry, with Love & Squalor"
Wednesday, October 14, at 1P | 12C

Guest-starring Tony Award winner Brian Stokes Mitchell and the king of comedy Carl Reiner, a chance encounter with a mysterious suitor at Max's (Ken Howard) bar, the Pogue Mahone, forces Jordan to examine her uneventful love life and risk a risqué fling. Meanwhile, Garret has a chance meeting of his own when he is reunited with his estranged, grifter father, Harry. Unfortunately, their reunion is less than cordial when a pair of Cuban gangsters threaten to kill Harry over the small matter of a missing $100,000. Steve Valentine, Kathryn Hahn, Ravi Kapoor, and Mahershala Ali also star.

Major Crimes, "Penalty Phase"
Wednesday, October 14, at 9P | 8C

An unhinged killer makes a film, with victims as the stars. This episode is based on the famous horror movie Scream 4, which also starred Mary McDonnell.

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