Whose case is it: Detective Lilly Rush's or Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh's?

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: September 5, 2019, 3:24PM
There's something satisfying about solving a mystery. In both Cold Case and Crossing Jordan, the leading characters usually have some digging to do in order to figure out, exactly happened. For Detective Lilly Rush, it's digging into pieces of the history of a case. For Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh, it's digging into the medical details to see if there is even a hair out of place that could solve things. Can you spot the difference between these cases? Which case belongs to which investigator? 

Below you'll see episodes of both shows that could go either way, but we want to see how closely you've been paying attention. Good luck!
  1. The investigator reopens the case of a hitchhiker found murdered in 1997 near Atlantic City, New Jersey.
  2. When the corpse of a missing woman — kidnapped from a Boston park 13 years ago — is found at the bottom of the ocean, the investigator zealously searches for evidence pointing to the victim's husband as her killer. However, when the physical evidence fails to support her allegations, they face the grim reality that the murder may have been a random attack.
  3. The investigator pursues the discovery of nine human skulls buried in a residential backyard. The house has remained vacant since 1972, when 33-year-old Simone Marks, who was later murdered, shared the home with her 12-year-old boy, George.
  4. Investigators dive into a 1945 case involving a baseball great who was beaten to death with his own bat after a game. The only evidence is the victim's bloodstained jersey.
  5. When serial killer "Leviathan" resurfaces after four years. Once a pattern is established — two victims coinciding with the blue moon, the investigator realizes the second victim is still alive, it’s a race against the clock to find "Leviathan," and to save his latest victim.
  6. The investigator and team reopens the 1958 murder case of a suave, successful real estate developer when new evidence he may not have been killed where his body was found.
  7. When a millionaire turns up dead after a charity event, suspect number one is his agoraphobic neighbor, a renowned artist with a motive that the investigator becomes intrigued by.
  8. The body of a prominent politician’s daughter washes ashore and needs to be identified. After being listed as ‘missing’ for seven years, the investigator does her part to find out where exactly she has been.
  9. The investigator passes the time at a work acquaintance's wedding by investigating if the bride was responsible for her previous fiancé's unsolved 2008 murder.
  10. When investigators are called to look into a mysterious murder at a quaint bed and breakfast, it isn't long before the 100-year-old crime that made the house infamous is revealed. A local cop, the hotel caretaker, the current proprietor and several ghosts are chasing guests and they all become possible suspects.
Whose case is it: Detective Lilly Rush's or Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh's?

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