Which kid sleuth solved the case: Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys?

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: July 26, 2019, 11:50AM
Grab your spyglasses and your notepads, detectives! This blast from the past is a test to see if you can recognize which mystery novel goes with which amateur detective.

The names "Nancy Drew" and "The Hardy Boys" are sacred to anyone who wanted to be a detective when they were a kid. First published in 1927, The Hardy Boys series featured teenage brothers Frank and Joe Hardy, teenagers who often found themselves wrapped up in their father's work. The Nancy Drew series followed suit in 1930, giving readers the story of a teenage daughter of an attorney with a knack for picking up on missed clues. This additional sleuth expanded the reach of these action-packed mystery-thrillers, a smart move by creator and publisher Edward Stratemeyer, founder of Stratemeyer Syndicate. 

Those nights of sneaking just a few extra pages under the covers are about to come in handy. Take your best shot: can you guess which young detective solved these mysteries? Good luck?

  1. The Invisible Intruder: A group of thieves interrupt a ghost-hunting adventure, with the intention of stealing some valuable shells.
  2. The Secret of the Old Mill: An open case involving counterfeit money is somehow linked to the national security case that a Dad is working on.
  3. The Secret of the Old Clock: There's a will hidden somewhere on the Topham's estate that may change the life of a small family struggling to get by. Can the detective find it, or will they run out of time?
  4. The Secret of Skull Mountain: Despite being brand new, water disappears from the Tarnack Reservoir near Skull Mountain. It's time to figure out why!
  5. The Clue in the Crossword Cipher: An old wooden plaque is engraved with a crossword that is almost completely illegible and, therefore, unsolvable. When the priceless item is stolen, the detective must looks for clues to hunt it down.
Which kid sleuth solved the case: Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys?

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