See if you can recognize all these celebrity guest stars on Medium

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: August 20, 2018, 2:11PM Tags:
You shouldn't need psychic powers to figure this one out. But it helps to have watched a lot of TV and movies.

Some big, big stars showed up on Medium before they blew up. Let's see if you recognize them.
  1. This megastar has an Oscar sitting on her shelf, finally, thanks to what movie?
  2. She is box office gold, thanks to what YA film franchise?
  3. Which critically acclaimed show does NOT feature this incredible actor?
  4. She was the queen of 1980s teen movies. Which classic did she NOT star in?
  5. She was the matriarch of what cinematic family in the 1990s?
  6. You could find her in what classic nostalgic sitcom?
  7. Pick the two awesome things that feature this duo.
  8. She is the daughter of what two Hollywood icons?
  9. Hey, this guy played a rockstar in a big Hollywood movie. Which one?
  10. The guy on the right was married to which friend from 'Friends'?
  11. She wrote and starred in what 2012 romantic comedy?
See if you can recognize all these celebrity guest stars on Medium

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WOO HOO MEDIUM is back on StartTV!!!!!!!😎😎😀😀
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