How well do you know the life and career of Jill Hennessy?

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: January 24, 2022, 4:27PM
Before making a name for herself on shows like Crossing Jordan and Law & Order, Jill Hennessy frequently played her guitar in the New York subway in between gigs and roles. Moving to the big apple from her home in Edmonton, Alberta, Hennessy wanted to use her many talents to become the star that she is today.

Having appeared all over TV, film and now coming out with her third music album, Hennessy isn't stopping anytime soon.

While you may know her well as Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh on Crossing Jordan, test your knowledge of her incredible career with the quiz below!
  1. What decade did she begin acting?
  2. Which Robocop movie did she appear in?
  3. How many seasons of Law & Order did she star as ADA Claire Kincaid?
  4. She starred in which series based on a popular horror movie?
  5. What 2000s series did she appear in during a special crossover event with Crossing Jordan?
  6. What year did her debut album 'Ghost in my Head' come out?
  7. Jill Hennessy has a twin sister! Which movie did she appear in with her?
  8. She won a Golden Satellite Award for her role in which of these shows?
  9. She starred in the pilot for which new hit series?
  10. What popular Tim Allen movie did she star in?
  11. Bonus: how many languages does Jill Hennessy speak?
How well do you know the life and career of Jill Hennessy?

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Deanna 10 months ago
Cool 9 out of 11 and sorry to say I really didn't watch her other than playing Crossing Jordan. I do enjoy watching it once in a while.
Karen Deanna 8 months ago
You should try her Law and Order episodes! She’s wonderful in that show. She and Sam Waterston have a great chemistry.
Nessie 10 months ago
I learned some interesting facts here today!
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