How well do you know the career of Kyra Sedgwick

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: February 23, 2023, 2:16PM
Kyra Sedgwick was either being nominated or winning Emmys and Golden Globes each year she starred as Brenda Leigh Johnson. Appearing in hit movies and TV shows both during and after her time on The Closer, her career has only continued to soar.

But how far does your knowledge of the amazing actress go back? Test what you know about the many roles and stellar performances of Kyra Sedgwick with the quiz below!

  1. What soap opera did she make her first on-screen appearance in?
  2. The Closer ran for how many seasons?
  3. She voice acted for which Batman character?
  4. What year did she receive her Hollywood walk of fame star?
  5. True or False: she made a guest star appearance on The Closer spin-off Major Crimes
  6. Which popular 2010s sitcom did she frequently guest-star as Chief Wuntch?
  7. What big breakout movie role did she star in as the love interest of Tom Cruise?
  8. Which decade did she start her film career?
  9. How many times has she been nominated for an Emmy for her role as Brenda Liegh Johnson in The Closer?
  10. Kyra Sedgwick co-starred with her husband Kevin Bacon in the movie Pyrates and...
How well do you know the career of Kyra Sedgwick

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