Do you know the first names of these TV detectives?

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: October 7, 2021, 3:20PM
You know a detective is cool when they only need one name — Cagney, Lacey, Rizzoli. Hard boiled, to the point, these investigators get past the fluff and get straight to business. 

We've gathered some of our favorite TV detectives across the decades. Of course, they had full names. Do you remember their first names?
  1. One half of the hit series is ____ Rizzoli
  2. The 'Police Woman' herself was ____ 'Pepper' Anderson
  3. The original TV crime-busting duo was ____ Cagney & ____ Lacey
  4. Miss ____ Marple
  5. This spin-off of The Closer saw ____ Raydor leading the Major Crimes Division of the LAPD
  6. Miss ____ Fisher
  7. This popular mini series followed Detective ____ Tennison
  8. Leading the Special Victims Unit for almost 2 decades is ____ Benson
  9. This series followed writer and amateur detective ____ Fletcher
  10. The original leader of the Major Crimes Division on The Closer was ____ Leigh Johnson
Do you know the first names of these TV detectives?

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