Can you solve real Jeopardy! clues exclusively about TV crime dramas?

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: April 19, 2019, 4:24PM
Would you be the Jeopardy! champ if all the questions were just about TV crime dramas?

Let's find out!

Solve as many clues as you can below, and if you get them all correct, you'll be named today's champ. Good luck, detectives!
  1. For $200, you select category: TV Geography. Your clue: 'Medium' heats up in this Arizona city.
  2. For $200, you select category: TV Adjectives. Your clue: : It's the "S" in 'Law & Order: SVU.'
  3. For $400, you select category: Must "C" TV. Your clue: In its first season, the team on this Vegas-set show worked on the "I-15 murders."
  4. For $400, you select category: TV Nicknames. Your clue: Dr. McCoy on 'Star Trek' had this nickname, long before Temperance Brennan.
  5. For $800, you select category: Screen Teens. Your clue: Seen here, she had roles on 'CSI' & 'Profiler' before breaking out on the silver screen.
  6. For $1000, you select category: TV Show by Characters. Your clue: Detective Lilly Rush, Detective Scotty Valens, Detective Nick Vera
  7. For $1000, you select category: They Said It on TV. Your clue: "You come at the king, you best not miss", warned this character on 'The Wire.'
  8. For $2000, you select category: Classic TV. Your clue: "Trust_No1" is a fitting email address that was used in this drama about FBI agents.
  9. For $1600, you select category: Female TV Cops. Your clue: As the LAPD's leading homicide interrogator, she was "The Closer" of the title.
  10. For $1600, you select category: International Entertainment. Your clue: Boston, not a Mideast country, was the setting for this series with Jill Hennessy as a crusading medical examiner.
Can you solve real Jeopardy! clues exclusively about TV crime dramas?

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BrightFeather2 37 months ago
Some shows I've never heard of so I have to guess. I'm not a good guesser.
Maybe the series Bones, Roselli & isles, and Quincy MD and Sliders will be put on soon.
There are some very good older series that were very good and educational as well.
Quincy MD and Hart to Hart are two I can think of off hand. Very good series.
RolandaHayes 40 months ago
I got 10 out of 10 yay yay !!!
ElizabethRupe 42 months ago
well probably because I never watched the Wire or the x-files but look 8 out of 10 is great
Ursula 44 months ago
Some shows I’ve NEVER watched 🤔☹️
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