Can you match these TV detectives to the correct tragic backstory?

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: January 21, 2019, 1:19PM
Crime drama is full of colorful characters who went on to become detectives, private investigators, secret agents and other detective roles that led to solving riveting cases. And for every crime drama star, you can bet there's a bit of backstory that explains how they came to be so specially suited for solving the crimes they face, episode after episode.

So today, we've got a challenge for the biggest crime drama fans of all time. We've described the tragic backstory and other background details that led to the start of famous TV detective careers. See if you can correctly match each detective to their backstory. Good luck!
  1. This TV detective got divorced after their spouse falsely accused them of cheating with a subordinate officer.
  2. This TV detective got stalked by the same serial killer who murdered her husband.
  3. This TV detective suffered emotional and physical abuse by her alcoholic mother, who was a rape victim.
  4. There was so much intrigue about this TV detective’s Mrs., they gave her her own spin-off:
  5. This TV detective learned not to fear death when his grandmother died making pie during a boyhood visit.
  6. This TV detective lives in the guest house of a famous novelist.
  7. This TV show centered on a detective duo that partnered up an ambitious single woman with a married working mom:
  8. After police training, these detectives take on a new job when assigned to tasks like meter maid, office worker and crossing guard.
  9. This TV detective has a rare medical condition where they visually remember everything.
  10. Raised by an alcoholic mother in Philadelphia after her father left, this TV detective has trouble trusting men.
Can you match these TV detectives to the correct tragic backstory?

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