Can you match these doctors to the right Westerns?

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: January 17, 2023, 11:46AM

Whether they were a part of the main cast or not, there are countless episodes of classic Westerns that feature a doctor in an important role. After all, the West was a dangerous place where sometimes the landscape itself could hurt you as much as any gunslinger.

The title “Doctor” or “Doc” was also given out a little more freely back then. Here are some of our favorite doctors from TV Westerns, though not all are actual physicians. Can you guess which show each one is from?

  1. Which show is Doc Adams from?
  2. This young doctor came to town in which show?
  3. What is the full title of her series?
  4. Dr. Loveless was a villain on which show?
  5. Many different actors played Doc Burrage in which series?
  6. Doc Martin also had a few different faces in which Western?
  7. The man in the top hat insisted on being called "Doc" though his cures were dubious in an episode of which show?
  8. June Lockhart played Dr. Phyllis Thackeray in two episodes of which show?
  9. Before he was Nick Barkley in The Big Valley, Peter Breck played the infamous gunslinger/dentist Doc Holliday in which Western?
  10. He was the title character in the episode "The Dr. Denker Story" of which show?
  11. In the episode "A Woman's Place" she bravely performed her medical duties in the face of prejudice in which Western?
  12. A version of Doc Holliday also showed up in an episode of which sci-fi show?
Can you match these doctors to the right Westerns?

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