Can you match the plots of these pilot episodes to their shows?

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: August 16, 2019, 10:45AM
Every good television show starts somewhere, and it's no different for the programs on Start TV. The first episode of a television show has a lot riding on it. These first episodes, referred to as "pilots," set up the entire premise of the shows they are introducing. Who the main character is, what the main goal or theme of the show is, what the overarching obstacle is going to be, and so on. It's a lot to to take on, but solid pilots lead to pretty solid television shows, giving us the series' so beloved today.

Can you match the plots of these pilot episodes to their Start TV programs? Give it a try and show off your smarts!
  1. The Deputy Chief joins the Priority Murder Squad to investigate the dead body discovered at the home of a computer company executive.
  2. The main detective works on "cold cases" for the Philadelphia Police Department, reopening dormant homicides that occurred years or even decades ago, making use of today's science and finding fresh clues to crimes once thought to be unsolvable.
  3. The main character suspects that what appears to be a prostitute's suicide might in fact be a cover-up for foul play involving important city officials. However, while probing deeper into the girl's death, the main character could possibly jeopardize her new job or even her own life.
  4. The spirit of a soldier disturbs the main character at her wedding.
  5. The main character's chance to rebuild her life is met with opposition from skeptical colleagues, her husband's past, and a high-stakes criminal case.
  6. The main character is given a mission from someone called "God." Meanwhile, her dad, the new chief of police for Arcadia, is trying to solve the case of a serial killer.
  7. The main character goes to Texas, where she locates the body of a murdered boy using a mysterious gift.
  8. Single Atlanta women are being murdered, but as the main character zeros in on the killer, another serial killer is zeroing in on them.
  9. Horror mounts when influenza attacks Colorado Springs. The new person in town must attend to the sick townspeople and protect others from getting the deadly disease. But some preexisting bias has people questioning whether the new person can handle the fatal epidemic.
Can you match the plots of these pilot episodes to their shows?

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nymets1963 5 months ago
How come there wasn't a question about Carrie Wells "Unforgettable"???
Linda 5 months ago
Wish Joan of Arcadia was on earlier. Loved that show.
BrightFeather2 5 months ago
I knew the one I got wrong was wrong before I clicked - don't know what made me do it ! I knew the right answer.
But time.
nymets1963 BrightFeather2 5 months ago
You should always go with your first choice, Bright...
LouiseHaworth 5 months ago
When are you going to put new shows on. Its getting old quick after they restart over and over. Or do you show these show (the same ones) all year long.
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