Can you identify these classic TV cop shows by their badges?

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: August 20, 2018, 9:50AM
Actors always look better in uniform. No wonder there have always been plenty of cop shows on televisions. From the earliest days of black-and-white TV to the reboots of today, police procedurals are a staple of networks.

We bet you're pretty familiar with the classics. We're going to show you a close up of a badge and uniform from a beloved cop show. A true detective will pay close attention to the details and clues. See if you can I.D. eight or more out of this lineup. Good luck! 
  1. Where would you find this star?
  2. How about this one?
  3. Which squad sported this badge?
  4. This badge made baddies freeze in their tracks for years.
  5. Where would you find Sgt. Bates?
  6. These two looked sharp in their uniforms.
  7. Use your detective skills to figure this one out.
  8. Who worked for the fictional LCPD?
  9. How about the fictional WCPD?
  10. Which of Start TV's favorite cops do you see to the left of her badged partner here?
  11. They might have been paramedics, but they worked alongside the police most episodes.
  12. Finally, recognize Assistant Inspector Keller here?
Can you identify these classic TV cop shows by their badges?

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