Can you I.D. all these celebrity guest stars on Ghost Whisperer?

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: April 24, 2019, 1:18PM
On Ghost Whisperer, Melinda helped a lot of celebrities get past the things that haunted them, literally.

The show attracted a spirited group of guest stars before and after they made it big, including pop singers, stand-up comedians and blockbuster movie stars.

Think you can I.D. all these famous faces that flickered in and out of Melinda Gordon's world? Take the quiz below and try not to get haunted by a bad score. Good luck!
  1. Before she went on to star in this superhero movie, she was haunted by the ghost of a classmate on Ghost Whisperer:
  2. On Ghost Whisperer, the guy in the middle gets in a fight with one of his future costars on which hit TV drama?
  3. There was a cheerleading championship to be won when this singer appeared on Ghost Whisperer:
  4. The star of this drama showed up on Ghost Whisperer twice as Melinda's mother-in-law:
  5. Remember when the Ghost Whisperer met the Dog Whisperer? What's this reality TV star's real name?
  6. Nearly 10 years before she hopped in this car with the Ghost Whisperer, she starred in which hit teen comedy?
  7. She appeared as an uncredited singer on Ghost Whisperer, but most pop music fans know her by just this name:
  8. He played a plumber on Ghost Whisperer, but he's much better known as a regular on which hit sitcom?
  9. It's no wonder she shows up as a comic on Ghost Whisperer, because she played one of the funniest housewives of all time on which show?
  10. Here's another sitcom mom who appeared on Ghost Whisperer because her "demon child" was terrorizing the whole family. Which 1990s show do you know her from?
  11. We're used to laughing at this stand-up comic who appeared in a serious role on Ghost Whisperer, playing a professor twice and helping Melinda I.D. a ghost.
  12. In a very dramatic guest appearance, the star of this Disney show got haunted by an angry ghost on Ghost Whisperer:
Can you I.D. all these celebrity guest stars on Ghost Whisperer?

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Lissa 38 months ago
LOVE this show! I'm so glad it's back and I can watch it every night!
Cisca9753 38 months ago
I am very happy to see Ghost Whispered join Start TV's programming but where is Family Law? Please bring it back! It is one of my favorite shows!
Elatha 38 months ago
I am completely elated to see Ghost Whisperer back on TV. I missed her. Thank u StartTV.
Barbara 38 months ago
Enjoyed the ?. Thank you for bringing her back. Wish she was still on.
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