Can you complete the names of characters from The Good Wife?

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: January 9, 2019, 1:10PM
The Good Wife is not only critically acclaimed for its ensemble cast, but also its parade of guest stars. From celebrities like Michael J. Fox to cherished character actors like Margo Martindale, the performances were stunning and thus, the characters all the more memorable.

Do you think you can name every attorney, judge and suspect you saw on The Good Wife?

We've pulled 13 fan favorite characters below. See if you can complete the names of 10/13. Good luck!
  1. Alicia and Peter’s daughter is perhaps the straightest, most moral teen ever seen on TV. Complete the character name: [???] Florrick
  2. Here’s a fixer from The Good Wife who definitely deserved a bigger office. Complete the character name: Eli [???]
  3. She worked with Peter Florrick for three years, and their one-night stand complicates her friendship with Alicia. Complete the character name: [???] Sharma
  4. Alicia’s old friend helps her get back on her feet with a job, then quickly develops into her love interest. Complete the character name: Will [???]
  5. She was a fan favorite as a political operative Peter hired to run his vice-presidency campaign. Complete the character name: Ruth [???]
  6. This favorite judge from The Good Wife would do just about anything to hear a fair trial. Complete the character name: [???] Abernathy
  7. The Good Wife’s most irresistibly likable villain was this guy who was also a pretty great dad. Complete the character name: Lemond [???]
  8. She was hired to help Peter Florick with his ethics problem, but she was just too beautiful to be effective. Complete the character name: [???] Garbanza
  9. He showed up as one of the NSA’s watchdogs, spying on all of our favorite characters for us. Complete the character name: Jeff [???]
  10. This tech industry CEO was the epitome of arrogance. Complete the character name: Neil [???]
  11. Fans of The Good Wife regard this character as the best lawyer on the show. Complete the character name: [???] Canning
  12. This attorney wasn’t afraid to make being a mom a tool to get her way in the courtroom. Complete the character name: [???] Nyholm
  13. The only person we could ever imagine rooting for against Alicia Floricck in her bid for Attorney General was this guy. Complete the character name: [???] Prady
Can you complete the names of characters from The Good Wife?

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