From Special Olympics co-founder to state Supreme Court Justice, Anne Burke reveals the secret of new starts

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: November 1, 2018, 5:17PM

In Illinois, Anne Burke sits on the state's highest court, but it wasn't always her dream to be there. She began her tenure at the unusual age of 74.

In her 20s, Burke was a physical education teacher with the Chicago Parks, working with children who had developmental disabilities. It was her work there that pulled her towards the world of law and leadership in a rather unexpected, but inspired way. “Going into the world of law was actually my third start," Burke tells Start TV. She talks more about her first two Starts in the video above.

Between her career as an educator and her rise as a judge, Burke co-founded the Special Olympics with Eunice Kennedy Shriver, as a way to give her students a chance to go for the gold. It all started with a phone call to Shriver, sister to President John F. Kennedy. Shriver connected Burke's big idea to the Kennedy Foundation's resources, and the Special Olympics was born.

Watch Burke discuss how the Special Olympics came to be below:

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