The adventures continue: 8 sci-fi ladies from the '80s TV

By: Start TV Staff    Posted: September 29, 2022, 12:34PM

Image: Claster Television

The '70s were only the beginning, and there are way more ladies of sci-fi out there. Here are 8 awesome sci-fi ladies from the '80s!


April O'Neil — Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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A headstrong and daring reporter from New York's Channel 6 News, April O'Neil is one of the core characters in any version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The first human to meet the Turtles after they rescue her from a group of armed thugs, April would become one of the Turtle's closest allies through the 10 season run of the 1987 series. Always determined to find out the truth and help out her new friends, standout episodes for April include helping the Turtles escape from an alternate reality ruled by Shredder and taking on a freelance reporting position after being fired by her boss at Channel 6.


Arcee — The Transformers

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The first ever female Transformer to appear onscreen, Arcee would pave the way for some of the best Transformers characters for years to come. Originally introduced in the 1986 movie The Transformers: The Movie, Arcee would make the jump to the tv series the following year and become a main character for the show's third and fourth seasons. Both motherly and determined, Arcee would grow fond of her human friends and fiercely defend them no matter what. Standout episodes for Arcee include her fighting with an all-female Autobot Resistance in an alternate reality and sacrificing herself for her human partner Daniel so that he can continue his life in the series finale.


Dr. Beverly Crusher — Star Trek: The Next Generation

Image: The Everett Collection

The Chief Medical Office on the USS Enterprise-D, Dr. Beverly Crusher was not a woman to mess with. Determined to do the best for the patients under her care, Dr. Crusher was a stout follower of the Federation's Prime Directive, which also sometimes got her into conflict with her other crewmates. Crusher would also serve as a love interest for Captain Jean-Luc Picard, though that would never compromise her strength. Some standout episodes for Dr. Crusher include her escaping from a warp anomaly that only she was aware of and saving the crew of the Enterprise from a timeloop that ended with the ship's destruction.


Deanna Troi — Star Trek: The Next Generation

Image: The Everett Collection

A half human-Betazoid hybrid, Deanna Troi is a powerful empath and the ship counselor on the USS Enterprise-D. Able to feel the emotions of her crewmates on a deep level, Deanna Troi was an extreme asset to the Enterprise crew in multiple aspects. Some standout episodes for Deanna Troi include trying to escape an evil eldritch entity on a deserted planet and trying to come to terms with herself after temporarily losing her powers. 


Jem — Jem and the Holograms

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The alternate persona of Jerrica Benton, the executive producer of Starlight Records, Jem is a pop princess of power. With her band The Holograms, Jem tours the world, sharing her music with all and getting into many different scraps along the way. Some standout episodes for Jem and her band include competing in the Indy 500, taking down copycats and playing for the President of the United States.


Dr. Juliet Parrish — V

Image: The Everett Collection

First appearing in the V TV Movie in 1984, Dr. Juliet Parrish became the leader of the Anti-Visitor Resistance for the TV series after her mentor Rudolph Metz was framed for being a part of the Visitor invasion conspiracy. Setting up the cell structure and overseeing operations of the resistance, Juliet was always in the thick of the fight against the Visitors. Some standout episodes include her leading the assault on the LA mothership and working undercover in a visitor company.


Lady Jaye — G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero

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One of the highest ranking members of the G.I.Joe Team, Lady Jaye is a master of disguise and all forms of combat. With her trusty javelins and martial art skills, Jaye is always seen taking down legions of Cobra goons left and right. Some standout episodes for Jaye include infiltrating a Cobra base to destroy their currency destruction machine and working with Flint and their sworn enemies Baroness and Cobra Commander to escape the villainous Gamemaster.


Scarlett — G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero

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One of G.I. Joe's most decorated officers, Scarlett is the sharpshooting commando of the team. Wielding a custom-made crossbow, Scarlett takes the lead on certain missions when her other team members are indisposed. Some standout episodes for Scarlett include her commandeering a Cobra vehicle for the Joes and sussing out a synthoid pretending to be Duke in the Joe's base.