9 minor goofs and tiny blips you missed on Ghost Whisperer

By: Start TV Staff    Posted: June 19, 2019, 2:23PM

On Ghost Whisperer, it's Melinda Gordon's specialty to help figure out what's wrong with every unsettled spirit she encounters.

She's a character who invites you to take an extra close look at the show and its characters, not only to guess along with the ghost whisperer, but also to catch every detail of these dramatic ghost stories. That's why the most attentive fans have seen a few things they can't unsee on the supernatural series that won an Emmy for its impressive special effects. 

We're talking about minor goofs and tiny errors that create small blips in Ghost Whisperer's haunted world. From the confusion that emerges when Jim Clancy merges with Sam Lucas to funny slip-ups with Melinda's laptop, here are nine times the Ghost Whisperer overlooked something obvious.


Jim got the date wrong of the last man hanged in the U.S. by 8 months.

About five minutes into "Last Execution," Melinda asks who the last person was to be executed by hanging in the United States. With the confidence of the paramedic and firefighter he is, Jim answers her that it was Billy Bailey, whom he said was hanged on September 25, 1996. 

Some fans must've wondered if this could possibly be true, and a Google search reveals that Billy Bailey is the correct name in history, but Jim got the date of the convicted murderer's death wrong. He was actually hanged on January 25, 1996.


Sam's coworkers keep calling him by the wrong name.

After the ghost of Jim Clancy inhabits the body of an architect named Sam Lucas, the architect soon becomes a doctor who decides to go by his middle name James (Jim for short). This was an effective way for writers to pave over the confusion viewers might have felt thinking of Jim as "Sam."

However, every now and again, attentive viewers have noticed that some of Jim's coworkers have also slipped a time or two and referred to him as Dr. Clancy, his old last name. Since nobody knows about Jim Clancy in Sam Lucas' body but Melinda, this is perhaps the show's biggest goof, and you can hear an example about 9 minutes into "Do Over."


This fake book on the show is actually masking a Pulitzer Prize finalist.

In "A Grave Matter," Melinda encounters a ghost who has written a book called Lost Delusions. Melinda snags a copy to give to the author's daughter. When she cracks open the book, the first page we see gives away the actual title being used as a prop: the Pulitzer Prize finalist, debut novel of the impressionist painter William Wharton. 

The book is actually called Birdy, and it's about a boy who goes by that name and hides his face (and his battle wounds from war) from the world. It won a National Book Award when it came out in 1978 and was adapted into a movie starring Nicolas Cage and Matthew Modine in 1984.


Speaking of reading, check out this interesting article Melinda found.

Any time Melinda opens her laptop, pay extra attention to what you see on the screen and you may get an extra laugh or two. Here's a prime example from the episode "Dead Air." We watch Melinda search out a news article online and when she pulls it up, the text of the article is auto-generated "Lorem Ipsum" (the standard gibberish fake text used as filler in design) beyond the headline.


Sam's sent folder accidentally reveals him to be a spambot.

Of course, Melinda's not the only one with a laptop. When we see "Sam" going through some old emails in "Life on the Line," he checks out his sent folder to find a particular email he sent an old girlfriend. You can see his cursor hovering over that email in the image, with the subject line "I know you're mad." 

However, if you look at some of the other messages Sam has supposedly "sent," some of them look questionably like spam, especially accounts like "$4Utoday," an account that Sam forwarded an email with the subject "Now's the time to invest" to. Even more glaring is the one to his friend Randel, advertising 100 mg pills. We know Sam becomes a doctor, but this sent folder seems a little suspect for someone who's not a spambot.


Melinda's caps lock key must be broken.

We've all been there: Melinda's pulls up a search engine in "The Prophet" and begins typing with her caps lock key still lit up. However, the characters she types into the search bar do not display all caps. We're left to assume that either Melinda's got a spooky way of communicating with her computer keys... or her caps lock key is broken.


The power goes out, but the computer stays on.

Here's another glitch-like goof. In "Mended Hearts," the power goes off at a hospital Melinda is visiting, and within seconds, a generator kicks in that boots back up computers, but fails to light back up the halls. This is all explained through dialog. However, careful viewers have noted that before the generator kicks on, the laptop screen remains bright blue instead of going actually dark. (We've lightened the screen so you can better see.)


Melinda's elevator takes her to the wrong floor.

In "Dead to Rights," Melinda has a terrifying experience in an elevator. After we watch her press the button to travel to the fourth floor, the ceiling of the elevator starts to lower on the ghost whisperer. She's definitely not whispering when, screaming for help, the elevator stops on its own accord. As the doors glide open, Melinda is found on the floor of what appears to be a perfectly normal elevator. 

Shaken, Melinda peels herself off the floor and exits the elevator, but not before you can clearly see she's on the second floor. Either she's just trying to save face, or somebody didn't notice the number 2 seen in the shot.


This character is inexplicably credited by the wrong name.

Here's another error from "A Grave Matter." This character is seen throughout the episode and referred to as Kate Godfrey. However, when the credits roll at the end of the episode, the actress Daisy Eagan is credited as Drew Godfrey, not Kate. There is no explanation for this, unless the character was intended to be male and they simply shifted it without updating the name for creating the closing credits. We prefer to leave it as one of Ghost Whisperer's many mysteries.

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