5 shows that got canceled and brought back

By: Start TV Staff    Posted: November 5, 2019, 3:10PM

Nobody likes the news that their favorite show is getting the ax. We've all still got at least one show that we think got canceled before its time. Maybe it left a series on a cliffhanger, an unresolved plot, or just a slot on our TV schedule that we miss. While some shows are gone forever, other ones were saved by fans, passionate creators, and networks willing to give the show another chance.


Cagney & Lacey

Cagney & Lacey premired in 1982 but was canceled after six episodes due to poor ratings. The executive producer, Barney Rosenzwieg, put pressure on the network to bring the show back with Sharon Gless as Cagney (replacing Meg Foster). The show returned, but after another season of disappointing ratings, was canceled again. 

Rosenzwieg organized a letter-writing campaign among the fans, which got the show ressurected a second time. This time it went on to massive success, with either of the two lead actresses winning an Emmy Award for Best Lead Actress for six years straight.



Unforgettable will never be forgotten for surviving cancelation — twice. The crime drama, starring Poppy Montgomery as a detective with a photographic memory, was canceled after just one season. 

But after a change of mind, the network decided to renew it, only to cancel it again after two more seasons. The show was picked up by a second network, which ran another season before giving it the cut for good — and leaving the show on a cliffhanger.


The Bachelorette

While The Bachelorette is currently one of the most buzzed-about shows, it was canceled after only three seasons. After the 2005 season, the show was gone for three years, until a revival in 2008.

Since it will be entering its sixteenth season, it's probably safe to say that the revival was successful. 


Drop Dead Diva

Drop Dead Diva, a comedy-drama about a shallow model brought back to life in the body of a brilliant plus-sized lawyer, hit a season record of viewers for the season four finale episode. However, the network said that the show was too expensive to produce, so Drop Dead Diva was — well, dead.

Since season four had ended on a cliffhanger, fans weren't happy. After a month and a half, the network decided to bring the show back to life and it ran for another two seasons.


Designing Women

The 1986 show Designing Women was an '80s mainstay about the women (and one man) working in an interior designing firm. But after the first season, the network put the show on "indefinite hiatus" — a frequent death knell for TV programs.

The fans responded by sending over 50,000 letters to the network in a plea for renewal, encouraged by the stars of the show. The network put it back on the air and it ran for six more seasons.

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Debbie 1 month ago
Shows they need to leave on Dr Quinn Any Day Now Crossing Jordan the Closer Major Crimes Cagney and Lacy The good wife and unforgettable. You can take medium ghost whisper cold case but you must leave the others on I record on my DVR but the shows I mentioned need to stay on. Lifetime runs Rizzoli and Isles so much that I know every episode by heart plus it’s either on Hulu or Netflix the other shows are not. I’m very serious about Dr Quin Any day now crossing Jordan the good wife and unforgettable please don’t take them off thanks
Debbie 1 month ago
What will Rizzoli and Isles be replacing
Elizabeth 1 month ago
I still watch Cagney and Lacey and I wish they would put Unforgettable back on during the day or early evening, they are two great shows, why does the network have two back to back episodes of Medium, The Closer and Ghost Whisperer, put these the two shows in place of the others, we don't need two of them
Danielle 14 months ago
So glad for start tv But the shows I really enjoy are reapted again and again.
Lisajo 14 months ago
i wish you would pick up hat squad that was a great show
KathyMorrison 14 months ago
I wish you would pick up Midnight Caller. Great show and I have never been able to find anyone who has brought it back or DVDs. Well worth running.
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